Tidewave Steelworks started manufacturing as a result of expansion within the Edgars chain in 2000-2002. The competitive prices that Tidewave could offer along with the design advice and manufacturing quality was the start of a long standing relationship.
2013 saw large rollouts throughout the 65 leading Edgars stores, producing, delivering and supplying fully installed departments within these stores throughout the country. In addition several new stores were supplied as well. Tidewave Steelworks supplied fixtures for several departments within all of these stores rolled out over a period of 6 months across South Africa. Supply was flawless and installation efficient. Snags were almost non-existent, but where insistent, dealt with immediately!
Tidewave Steelworks manufactured all steel components and added or used contractors for the wooden parts required for the stylish new look. Glass bonding was required with some of the new fixtures, which posed a new industrial application to learn and perfect. This was happily taken on and very skillfully perfected to create top quality bonded glass and steel fixtures that were shipped all over South Africa. NONE of which I am happy to say were damaged on route.


Departments serviced within Edgars:

Lounge Shirts, Signature, Men’s Smalls, Press Avenue, Luggage, Laddies Footwear, Mens Footwear, Branded Footwear, Handbags, Accessories & More!

M Burg & Sons woodwork and specialist shop fitters share a strategic partnership with Tidewave Steelworks, throughout our working history, with Tidewave supplying all steel work required of the shop fitter and vica verca from them on many EDCON projects. “Footloose” as it was called prior to final branding; a dedicated shoe-shop-only brand was mocked up in its entirety within the M Burg Factory. Tidewave Steelworks supplied all of the delicate looking steel work for the mock shop and several stores thereafter on rolling out the Edgars Shoe Gallery store brand.

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