brentwood NY

This client, a large importer and wholesaler of clothing from numerous brands always approaches me for their steelwork.

Several times a year they require usually 30-100 brand specific fixtures. I am usually briefed on the particular look and feel that is desired by the brand and asked to come up with a functional, stylish stand or given drawings or pictures from internationally made fixtures and asked to quote on them.

For the brand Firetrap I had to come up with an industrial looking stand with scrap metal undertones. Using nuts, welded steel chain and a cleverly punched and bent bracket, I was able to create the industrial look and feel and then to finish off with, acid washed, red rusted, sealed with a clear gloss powder coat, to give an impressive stand that could easily display the required clothing.

Tidewave Steelworks have made laser cut signage for Converse Shoe brand, a solid display stand for Dickies and an interestingly branded stand for Converse Kids. Perspex signage holders, inserts and branding panels are always worked into the design of the stand, in order to brand it effectively.

For the Brentwood NY stand, pictured here, we had to manufacture rounded corners on the shelves and the large radius to fit the design required on the side panels. This was a challenge, but with the correct punch, managed to nibble out these rounded corners and weld rolled corner pieces into the open sections, which when polished off worked out very nicely. Vinyl had to be applied to the branding panels and the side panels of these stands, all professionally applied by another strategic partner…

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