afflicationWhen it comes to custom made metal work we are a true shop fitters dream when found. The Affliction brand is contracted to Black Boy Shop Fitters, a family run business as are Tidewave, who saw me build up the Sack’s store in Sandton City over a 2 week period in 2011. See SACK’s for more info.

I was approached by Blackboy to do the steel work for the Affliction store that was completed in Menlyn Mall in September 2012, with some very basic sketches and a few pictures. After scouring the internet for a better idea of what was actually required and as best described and presented representation by Craig Jacobs who led the entire project from Black Boy I managed to get the concept that was required onto some simple sketches and then manufacturing runs. Using locally available profile sizes, some very cleverly bent up sections, steel rivets, acid and some well timed water, the look I had been tasked with became a reality and when the shop finally opened the combination of wood and steel blew minds. Black Boy had pulled of a stunning example that with the right, willing Steel partner anything can be produced locally at similar or better than original standards.

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