As an active outdoors man, living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a (reasonably) fit appearance brought me to start manufacturing a small line of products that can easily be couriered to any location and do not require much more than a drill and spanner set to install. Using one’s own body for a number of exercise routines is achieved with a few simple fixtures that cost way less than any gym membership these days and can be installed both at home or in the office if desired.

With a set of pull up bars, dip bars and rings, one can easily maintain a rigorous workout depending on one’s perseverance.

For the more avid fan of body weight training and with a little more space to allocate to it, a set of monkey bars or a complete Spartan Rack is going make your sessions more intense and fun than ever before.


Pull up bars:

One of the easiest ways of creating a place to do body weight exercises is by installing a pull up bar above a doorway in the house, or anywhere that can be used to hang from. Pull up bars can be made to any size or material requirement, but a standard 25mm round tube 950mm wide x 250mm deep is usually on stock at all times, is simple to install and will get you started quickly. For more info contact us at any time.
For the more creative and energetic out there a set of Monkey bars as a training option should be considered.


Dip Bars:

Dip bars for wall mounting were made for a customer recently (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures).  Simple angled finishes and a sturdy powder coat will keep them looking new for many years.


Spartan Rack:

With cross fit gaining in popularity across the country, I have wanted to build a Spartan rack for our local park for some time now. Something similar to the picture bellow could be easily manufactured and customised.  For enquiries about this please do not hesitate to ask…

Rings can be mounted or strung from a pull up bar.

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