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While it is not a focus of ours, the ever increasing number of jobs that we undertake within the home or office environment are always well received and happily installed. When an idea becomes a reality, it is always a pleasure being part of the process that makes this possible…

PC & Screen Safe:

Stolen computers means lost information and time wasted on backups and re-installations, not to mention the cost of replacement. Secure your PC permanently to the floor or wall with a simple steel containment unit. A screen bracket also available to bolt the screen to the desk.

Anti Lifting:

When it comes to residential gates, they are only as secure as they are unable to be lifted away from the gate motor and hence off the track and opened. This is surprisingly easy to achieve if one knows how and just as easy to prevent with a simple bracket that when welded to the correct place on the gate makes it impossible to lift and thus impossible to gain access.


Brackets, spacers, panels, special sized channels and angles etc are just a number of simple items required by residential and commercial builders that we can provide according to simple sketches. Contact us with any requirement and we will assist you as best we can.

Gates & Doors:

Imagination and available budget are the only 2 limitations to creating good looking, functional gates and doors. Please contact us with more details about any such requirements that you have and we will assist you.

Custom Work:

We are always open to discussing the possibility of manufacturing custom steelwork for home or office. From tables, chairs and cabinets, to any framework, signage even pool ladders, we can custom fit almost any item to suit your home or office


The range of outdoor steelwork available is endless. Products that we come across every day can be reproduced or customized according to the clients specification. Feel free to contact us with any ideas that you would like to have realized…

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