High Volume Production

Mass production of any size bracket, hook, spacer, bush, peg or bar is what we do best. Our production facilities are capable of turning out any volume required in the shortest possible time. Gearing up for large production runs is by now part of the everyday routine and should the volumes required outweigh our actual production abilities, we have excellent relationships throughout the steel industry, and are able to increase production to accommodate almost any size manufacturing request.

While the typical shop fixture dominates our production schedule, with a high volume of brackets, shelves, wall posts, etc being produced on a daily basis, we have serviced the Telecommunications industry outside of South Africa with a number of high volume orders.  Enquiries are most welcome from security industry brackets and custom made car accessories to any light to medium duty manufactured components within the mining, residential and or commercial and industrial construction sectors.

Telecommunications Industry:

I was approach by GMC Botswana towards the middle of 2013 regarding the manufacture of an aluminium attachment bracket for some signaling equipment that needed to be installed towards the end of 2013. The requirement was to keep the price low, while not compromising the integrity of the bracket. Since the original part is made from a high guage aluminium (thicker RAW material) and is lightweight, rust resistant, strong but IS NOT welded, using a thinner guage Stainless Steel and welding the joints provided a stronger bracket actually lighter than the original and just as rust resistant for a fraction of the price of the Asian bracket. The customer was needless to say satisfied with the product.

General Bracketry

While a bracket can mean 2 very different parts between a number of industries, the retail industry requires very high volumes when large retailers with upwards of 1000 stores nationwide require components, fixtures and shop fittings.

While we have made small changes to most of the more commonly used wall brackets manufactured by other companies, the main aim was from the start ease of use. Where accurate material thicknesses allowed for a bracket system that actually gripped the material, the lack of such accuracy between the various material suppliers meant that we preferred to use a system that simply hangs into the wall post, without having to be knocked into position. Loading capacity was unchanged but simple relocating for changing displays became a lot simpler.

All such improvements undertaken on the initial component level are usually highly welcomed by any retailer, particularly when large volumes are at stake.

Security Brackets

Living in a country with a high crime rate forces us to secure ourselves within our places of work and residence. Burglar bars, security doors, electric fence brackets, fences, rolling or hinged gates and several anti-theft devices, are just a few of the items that we have made over the years that constitute a security part. Many for self-use initially.

New ideas are always welcomed and gladly attempted. One idea that is awaiting a proper implementation is doing away with standard burglar bars, which can pose design difficulties on most houses, while using heavy steel frames and thick toughened glass to provide for an effective security deterrent and elegant aesthetic solution…

Car Accessories

While a number of locking devices, jack plates, bumper and roll bars can all be manufactured by simple steel parts welded together, finding a simple solution to an individual request required a more elegant approach for a more natural blend into the vehicle.

One of my friends wanted a holder for small items, maps, sunglasses… etc on the front, just before the windscreen inside his Landy. Since we both drive the same year, make a model vehicle, after some simple measurements a cut out was produced, which was bent up to provide the lips (which could still be increased slightly IMO), welded and then plastic coated. The final product simply screws in place to existing holes that hold the air vents to the front panel in the Landy. Some slightly longer stainless steel screws were used.

Since I use this vehicle on a daily basis, I hardly notice the few items that now have a dedicated spot within this tray, but I would say that it is useful to have… Even things that slide about as one takes a corner remain nicely within the lip most of the time. (

I have made bump plates for the underside of 4×4 vehicles before and a roof rack and ladder for my Landy which I use all the time. For any enquiry’s  feel  free to contact us anytime.

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